Oasis´ very own Cirque de Soleil

Origen at the Oasis Cancun

When I posted one of these photos on my Facebook page I received a message from a friend that asked if it was the Cirque de Soleil, the world famous Canadian entertainment troupe that recently arrived in our state and whose shows entertain millions worldwide. With great pride I messaged her to say that it was in fact Origen; a show at the Oasis Cancun hotel. The piece, put on by the theatrical group Humanicorp, takes us on a journey through the history of Mexico focusing on the arrival of the conquistadors and the clash of cultures that followed.

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The hotel of infinite possibilities

Hotel Grand Oasis Sens

Visiting Cancun takes on a different significance depending on your age, who you are going with, or what you plan to do in this paradisiacal destination. It is a great place to meet new people, to immerse yourself in Mayan history, or to relax and enjoy life and the natural surroundings, but sometimes, and only sometimes it can be all three at once.

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The great coral reef

The great Caribbean reef

At the northernmost point of the Yucatan peninsula you will find Cabo Catoche, a beautiful island full of vegetation and history (it was the site of the first Christian church in North America). It is also the point that marks the beginning of the great Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the world’s second longest, and the home to millions of fish, crustaceans, corals and diverse marine species that help form one of the most impressive ecosystems on the planet.

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