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Cancun center

With an urban population of approximately 800,000 and over 32,000 hotel rooms, Cancun today is a rapidly growing cosmopolitan city with an increasingly demanding society whose needs are constantly evolving. Oasis has grown up with Cancun for almost 30 years. Understanding the unpredictable and sometimes erratic behaviour of this beautiful city is part of our daily routine and part of what motivates us.

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Isla Mujeres, Goddess Ixchel’s island


The island where the sun rises

The island of Isla Mujeres is the most easterly Mexican territory and because of this its inhabitants often say: Mexico despierta aquí (Mexico wakes up here). This quaint little strip of land off of the Mexican Caribbean has been blessed with natural beauty. Its crystal clear waters, narrow streets, diverse fauna and people, makes it an attractive place to visit, and at only a short boat ride away from Cancun, a perfect place for a fantastic day out. So fantastic in fact, that the sun greets it before the rest of the country.         

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10 signs you need a holiday in Cancun


City life is hard to beat, but every so often its fast pace takes its toll and the hustle and bustle can wear out even the most ardent city slicker. It is therefore necessary to escape the urban sprawl every once in a while for a beach holiday. “But hey!”, I hear you say, “time is money buddy!”. Well say no more my friend, here we give you 10 quick signs that its maybe time to get out of your work clothes and into some swimwear for a well-earned break in Cancun.

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Runaway to Oasis

Runaway program, the best of Oasis

Beautiful hotels and turquoise blue waters aren’t the only characteristics that distinguish Cancun from other popular destinations. With so many hotels, competition in Cancun is fierce. Every day the different hotels offer new services to attract potential guests. However there is only one hotel group in the Mexican Caribbean that offers the possibility of staying at one hotel and being able to enjoy five others at no extra cost.

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Don’t wander aimlessly, come and find an Oasis

Oasis Cancun

Since time immemorial man has had dreams and not just the kind we have when we sleep but those of our wishes and desires; dreams of understanding and getting to grips with the world around us. One of humanities biggest dreams is to fly, to take to the skies and to tackle the natural force that keeps us in place, gravity.

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5 Places where the locals eat


To really get a feel for a place you must first travel to areas that are off the beaten track. These days the hotels in Cancun’s Hotel Zone offer all the services you could wish for to have the perfect vacation in this paradisiacal destination. Nevertheless it is definitely worth taking the time to get to know your surroundings. Mexican hospitality is well-known and you can be assured of a warm welcome wherever you decide to stop and eat. So with that in mind, we give you 5 must-visit places if you want to eat like a local.

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