Don’t let the rain spoil your vacation

The rain in the Mexican Caribbean never tarnishes the beauty of our hotels

The rain in the Mexican Caribbean

I’m of the opinion that nothing can ruin spending time with your family, partner, or friends when you want to be together and have a good time, and that includes the weather.

It is the time of year when many escape the cold, harsh winter for the sunnier climes of Cancun and the Riviera Maya. However, it is also the time of year when our region receives the most rain. This shouldn’t prevent you from visiting though or spoil the holiday you already had planned, as there is plenty you can do when the heavens open.

That is why we have brought you 7 activities that can turn those rainy days into the best days of your vacation.

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The good and the bad of sunbathing

Sunbathing, one of life’s simple pleasures

Winter’s coming, time for a holiday in the sun!

The closer we get to winter, the increase in arrivals from the north of our continent. This is no surprise considering that the average winter temperature in places like Chicago was -3ºC last year. Bone chilling for those that live in the tropics where temperatures of 18ºC means dusting of woolly hats and scarves.

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The agave cousins

Agave fields

When people think of Mexico, tequila is often one of the first things that comes to mind. While tequila may be synonymous with Mexico, a drink that is less known but has seen a surge in popularity in recent years is tequila’s more rustic cousin; mezcal. But what exactly is mezcal? and how does it differ from tequila? Well here we get to the bottom of these two fascinating spirits.

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Tacos, the delicious taste of Mexico

Tacos, as Mexican as the maize they are made of

In the beginning

According to Aztec mythology, today’s man was created when the Mesoamerican god Quetzalcoatl took the broken remains of men from times past from Mictlan (the underworld) and brought them to Tamoanchan, home of the gods of creation. Quetzalcoatl handed the remains to the goddess Quilaztli who ground them down and mixed them with maize which contained the needed vitality to bring these new beings to life.

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10 facts that you may not know about Cancun (Part 1)


While Cancun may be famous for its sea, sand and blue skies, there are some things that most visitors and even many locals do not know about this sun kissed city; stories, secrets, and hidden places that are not public knowledge. So here we present for you the first five of our ten facts that you can impress your friends with next time you visit our shores.

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Miss Tupper Sex at the Crazy Hot Coyote

Miss Tupper Sex


Actress, presenter, and writer, Pilar Ordonez is the brains behind ‘Miss Tupper Sex, a sex manual for open-minded women’, a book that has been turned into a show that covers – without taboos – the most provocative of topics and the tools used: toys, lotions and a whole host of devices that serve as catalysts in discovering the mysteries of women and sex.

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Oasis Smart, the intelligent decision

Cancun center

With an urban population of approximately 800,000 and over 32,000 hotel rooms, Cancun today is a rapidly growing cosmopolitan city with an increasingly demanding society whose needs are constantly evolving. Oasis has grown up with Cancun for almost 30 years. Understanding the unpredictable and sometimes erratic behaviour of this beautiful city is part of our daily routine and part of what motivates us.

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