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Oasis loves U…and turtle babies, too

Oasis Hotels & Resorts are naturally beautiful – and nature is something we’re passionate about. That’s why Oasis has been training volunteers to serve as Sea Turtle Bodyguards, protecting mama turtles and their delightful, delicate hatchlings. Volunteers learn all about this through a course in turtle conservation that covers the biology, physiology, and ecology of turtles and their habitat. Once trained, the Turtle Task Force hits the beach to check on turtle moms and monitor nests and clutches. These conservation programs – known as Turtle Headstarting – are a successful way to protect sea turtle offspring until they’re strong enough to make their way into the wild – and guests at Oasis are welcome to participate!

Turtle season runs from May to November, and Turtle Headstarting has been a tremendous success, with a survival rate last year of 87-89%. Is it unusual for an all-inclusive resort like Oasis to add something as serious as turtle conservation to its usual lineup of nightclubs, fine dining, infinity pools, Kid’s Clubs and luxury spas? We think it’s a superb way to keep our seaside environment beautiful, vibrant and full of wonder.